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Some grab the arms of men on the sidewalk and boldly offer: "Want massage, mister?

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The government is now hopeful that more nongovernmental organizations will come into Vietnam to set up more projects. This flies in the face of abstinence models of HIV-prevention: don't have sex until you are married, don't have sex outside of marriage, don't do drugs ever. They fear the police will shut them down. Although more thanSaigon bar girls and prostitutes were sent to communist "reeducation" camps inthat's whenTruong's career as a sex worker started.

But social workers say these figures are several years old and far too low.

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And few are very good at budgeting or planning ahead. They hustle for drinks, dances and more at bars and discos. But for most, such rates are only a dream.

Saigon prostitutes

Husbands are pimps Prostitutes who cater to foreigners are the most visible. In Vietnam, homosexuality is illegal.

Saigon prostitutes

Outreach programs promoting discussions of safe sex should then be developed and used with groups such as labor unions and other professional bodies. She has a husband and two children.

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In Ho Chi Minh City formerly Saigonthe government and Save the Children both run similar programs using peer outreach workers, employing former sex workers to teach safe sex to prostitutes, and using former intravenous drug users to educate present drug users on how to avoid AIDS. But their air of waiting sets them apart.

To slow the spread of HIV, the Vietnamese government should not merely wait for increased spending on the part of nongovernment organizations; it should itself increase spending on HIV prevention. Dylan Foley is a journalist based in New York City.

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She stopped after she was recruited to do outreach for Save The Children four years ago. The District One Women's Union runs the government's peer outreach program to sex workers. The owner lets her keep a plastic jug of condoms next to the bottles of Coke and plate of cakes. Intravenous drug users are also taught to use clean hypodermic needles and not to Saigon prostitutes injection paraphernalia with other users. A comprehensive sex education program should be set up for high school and Sxigon students.

Not just in this city, once called Saigon, but in beer halls, truck stops and marketplaces all over Vietnam, prostitutes are more numerous and obvious than ever.

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By approaching the sex workers with respect, they gain their confidence and Saigno them tools with which to protect themselves. Sex is one of the biggest growth industries in rapidly changing Vietnam. Programs like these need to be expanded and set up in different areas of Vietnamese society, such as bars catering to businessmen or farmers.

Saigon prostitutes

These are all ways the women stay in debt. Pdostitutes did not understand why we gave condoms to sex workers; they said we were helping them to be prostitutes," Vinh explained. Its focus is distributing condoms and AIDS information, but the workers also try to help prostitutes who want to start new lives.

Saigon prostitutes

The older prostitutes laugh indulgently. According to Aaron Peak, an American AIDS policy consultant in Vietnam, the addicts of Ho Chi Minh City frequent "shooting galleries," where they buy the opium they shoot and where one person injects all the clients, often with the same needle.

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Hairstyling, makeup and condoms are other working expenses. The official figure for the of HIV-positive people, 3, with deaths since the first case was recorded inis almost certainly underestimated by several orders of magnitude.

It is essential that the control of these programs not be limited to "official mass organizations" such as the Women's Unions and the Youth Union. Hong asked each woman to make a report. In Ho Chi Minh City, a married man who has unprotected sex with a prostitute may read a billboard on his way home urging him to be faithful to his wife to avoid AIDS.

Some d work upon release, but they were few and inconspicuous.

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Vietnam should be aware that the country has already entered a crisis. Local Law 87, which cracks down on gambling, prostitution, and drug use, was passed last winter to appease Communist Party hard-liners in preparation for June's Party conference. Some women from the provinces inevitably wind up working as prostitutes. Though some sex workers still have unprotected sex despite knowing prodtitutes AIDS, the outreach workers have changed attitudes, raised self-esteem, and helped sex workers protitutes their clients to use condoms.

The government orders vice crackdowns now and then, prompting hundreds of arrests. In the destitute Vietnamese medical system, where a patient's family must go to the black market to buy medicine, the AIDS drug AZT is given only to pregnant women. The prostitutea were in a large house and the sex workers' meeting was held on the floor, with the half-dozen women volunteers, all present and former sex workers, sitting and discussing their work while exchanging lively banter.

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Aid workers from non-governmental organizations say that estimates by the World Health Organization ofHIV-positive people in Vietnam are much closer to reality. As a first step, the Vietnamese government should expand the education and outreach toward high-risk populations. Although only 3, cases of HIV infection and full-blown AIDS Saigon prostitutes have been officially reported nationwide in Vietnam, health experts believe the s are far higher and that prostitutes will be the channel for spreading the disease into society's mainstream.

To support her mother and brother, Truong sold her virginity at the age of 21 and spent 16 years as a prostitute.

Many don't earn anything toward their rent and food bills until the night's second or third customer.