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The Meaning of Dialogue Today when we speak of dialogue between religions or ideologies we mean something quite definite; namely, a two-way thinkef between persons. One-way lecturing or speaking is obviously not meant by it. However, there are many different kinds of two-way communication: e. Clearly none of these are meant by dialogue. On the other extreme is the communication between persons who hold precisely the same views on a particular subject.


Seuss books is Green Eggs and Ham, which ends with the narrator changing his mind from rejecting green eggs and ham under any circumstances to trying them and actually liking them.

As a result, we can speak of a soterio-centrism. Consequently, we normally need first of all to enter into sincere dialogue with every potential partner, at least until we learn where our true differences lie.

Forget positive thinking: this is how to actually change negative thoughts for success

Abstract language also includes indirect uses of language, such as metaphors and figures of speech. Several Christian churches, for example, may enter into dialogue with the goal of structural union in mind. Another example of concrete thinking in young children is a two or three year old who thinks that as long as he stays out of his bedroom, it will not be bed time. Rather, those subjects which show promise of highlighting commonalities should be treated so that mutual trust between the partners can be established and developed.

Therefore, the above clarification is important. This can happen on almost any level of knowledge and education.

Tutorial: concrete vs. abstract thinking

If we do not come to know each other in this deepest dimension of our selves our dialogue will remain relatively superficial. The Means of Dialogue A great variety of means and techniques of dialogue have been successfully used, and doubtless some are yet to be developed. These, however, are relatively clear issues, but what of a religion-ideology that approves slavery, as Christianity, Judaism and Islam did until a century ago?

Looking for a thinker and some conversation

For example, this is how great philosophers, like Socrates and Plato, taught their pupils how to think abstractly. Think out loud with the student: Great teachers of thinking, like Socrates, spend much of their time thinking through issues with their students, leading them gradually to ever higher levels of understanding and abstraction. If one partner thinks that it has an absolute grasp of the truth concerning the subject, it obviously believes that it has nothing to learn from the other, and hence the encounter will not be a dialogue but some kind of attempt at one-way teaching or a debate.

Seven strategies to stop overthinking

Such a paradigm-shift has occurred and is still occurring in the Western understanding of truth statements fo has made converxation not only possible, but even necessary. Similarly, concrete thinking high school students might be able to understand an abstract social arrangement, like the caste system in India, by comparing it to social cliques they are familiar with in their school. This problem is especially pressing in matters of value judgments.

While the intellectual and verbal communication is indeed the primary meaning of dialogue, if the therefrom do not spill over into the other two areas of action and spirituality, it will have proved sterile.

Rather, it will seek first of all to know the dialogue partners as accurately as possible and try to understand them as sympathetically as possible. At the same time, however, it needs to be remembered that these real but analogous differences in beliefs or values should be seen not as in conflict with one another, but as parallel in function, and in that sense analogous.

Here's how the voice in your head tricks your brain into thinking it's real

Such is a historical view of truth. What is important to see, however, is that the chain dialogue-knowledge-change must not be broken. This position, in fact, has not always and everywhere been held. In this sense, concrete ideas are those that have relevance to action e. An abstract thinker, in contrast, would understand that the figure of speech means that people who have faults of their own should not criticize others.

An example of concrete versus abstract thinking in adolescence is the following. Therefore, attempts to facilitate increasingly abstract thinking should be made within all relevant academic areas e. Hence, through dialogue humanity is painfully slowly creeping toward a consensus on what is involved in an authentically full human life. Only with dialogue in this full fashion on all three levels will our interreligious, interideological dialogue be complete.

One communal goal in looking to learn the commonalities and differences two religions hold is to bridge over antipathies and misunderstandings—to draw closer together in thought, feeling and action on the basis of commonalities held. Within this theory, difficulties at the level of abstract thinking have the same underlying cause as impulsive behavior and difficulty modifying behavior as a result of experience.

Therefore, all statements about the meaning of things were seen to be deabsolutized in terms of time. The term abstraction also applies to uses of language.

Scientists explain the viral 'internal narrative' phenomenon

In the very process of responding to the questions of our partners we look into our inner selves and into our traditions in ways that we perhaps never would otherwise, coonversation thus come to know ourselves as we could not have outside of the dialogue. Moreover, a theocentric approach has the disadvant-age of not including non-theists in the dialogue. This analysis may to some seem obvious, and, hence, superfluous. When a product that needs assembly is opened, there is usually a sequence of pictures showing exactly how to put the object together.

Communicating with external and internal thinkers - coach approach ministries

Another example that applies to two or three year olds is the following. It may turn out in some instances, of course, that after a more or less extensive dialogue it is learned that the two sides in fact agree completely on the subject discussed. Vital to the development of this needed mutual trust is that, 4 each partner come to the dialogue with total sincerity and honesty. A concrete thinker can see that this ball is big; a more abstract thinker can think about size in general.

Looking for a thinker and some conversation

To this the Vatican Curia later added: Tihnker Christians [read: people] should do their best to promote dialogue between men of every class as a duty of fraternal charity suited to our ofr and adult age It would not be able to have the same function, i. Of course, the same is true for my partners; I cannot learn to know them and their traditions truly if they are conversatoon completely sincere and honest. We need to be in regular dialogue with our fellow religionists, sharing with them the of our interreligious, interideological dialogue so they too can enhance their understanding of what is held in common and where the differences truly are, for only thus can the whole communities grow in somee and inner and outer transformation, and thereby bridge over antipathies and draw closer.

Further, if this two-sided dialogue is not maintained, the individual dialogue partners alone will grow in knowledge, and experience the resultant transformation, thus slowly moving away from their unchanging community, thereby becoming a third reality, a tertium quid a third reality —hardly the intended integrative goal of dialogue. At bottom everything human flows from what would seem to be acceptable to all as a description of the minimally essential human structure,that is, being an animal who can think abstractly and make free decisions.

Use illuminating and motivating analogies: Just as finger counting makes abstract s and arithmetic operations more concrete for six year old children, so also meaningful analogies make abstract material more concrete for older students. An cinversation thinking adolescent can recognize that this strategy in football is the same as using ones cognitive strengths in studying for an exam.

Looking for a thinker and some conversation

Such a charge would simply be another case of not understanding what dialogue is: a two-way communication so that both sides can learn. Further-more, we know from our experience somr the complementary differences will usually far out- the contradictory. Fo mentioned, these authentic differences can be of three kinds: complementary, analogous or contradictory. Similarly, a time line flow chart might be used to represent relationships among events in time. Furthermore, it is important to be aware that, especially in the initial stages of any interreligious, interideological dialogue, it is very likely that the literally eccentric members of religious, ideological communities will be the ones who will have the interest and ability to enter into dialogue; the more centrist persons will do so only after the dialogue has been proved safe for the mainline, official elements to venture into.

It is only by carefully and sensitively locating those underlying ethical principles for ethical decision-making that later misunder-standings and unwarranted frustrations in specific ethical issues can be avoided.

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