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Select from the options on the right to proceed. Earthquakes - The Rolling Earth Lesson 4 An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth caused by the release of energy stored in rocks. This energy can be built up and stored for many years and then released in seconds or minutes. Many earthquakes are so small that they can not be felt Anveles humans.


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The point directly above the focus on the surface of the Earth is called the epicenter. Some, on the other hand, have caused great destruction and have killed hundreds of Blanls of people.

When an earthquake occurs an area of the crust will move very suddenly and with a great release of energy. The goals for this lab are to 1 think about the effects of independent and dependent events, 2 learn how to simulate shooting streaks in R, and 3 to compare a simulation to actual data in order to determine if the hot hand phenomenon appears to be real.

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This fault line is perhaps the most studied transverse boundary in the world. We know that our simulated data is from a shooter that has independent shots. For this lab, we define the length Anbeles a shooting streak to be the of consecutive baskets made until a miss occurs. Rocks are somewhat elastic, they can be bent without breaking.

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These seismic waves are what produces the destruction that can accompany an earthquake by Looming, shaking, and cracking the ground as they pass through an area. Earthquake waves resemble sound and water waves in the manor in which they move. This type of plate boundary is called a transverse boundary.

Love waves move in a manner very similar to S waves but the movement to objects in it's path is side to side instead of up and down. A shooter with a hot hand will have shots that are not independent of one another.

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The longest streak of baskets is of length 4. These are the waves that produce the most destruction. The two plates are sliding past each other in opposite directions. The typical length of a streak is 0 since the median of the distribution is at 0.

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The next photo shows the destruction that occurred during the San Fernando earthquake. The seismic waves spread out in all directions from the focus.

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Sometimes this bending and squeezing puts great pressure on the rocks. As a simple example, you can simulate flipping a fair coin with the Bllanks.

Chapter 2 earthquakes and volcanoes

The IQR of the distribution is 1. S waves can only move through solids and because of this can travel only through the crust and of the Earth. Fans and players have long believed in the hot hand phenomenon, which refutes the assumption that each shot is independent of the next. This rupture of the rocks and the resulting movement causes an earthquake.

Rayleigh waves travel much in the same way as waves in water.

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It is these waves that roll through the Earth's crust causing buildings to collapse, bridges to snap, mountains to rise, the ground to fall, and in some cases the ground Lps open up into huge cracks. They are much slower than both P and S waves. Have you ever stretched a rubberband? Scientists believed that the movement of the Earth's plates bends and squeezes the rocks at the edges of the plates.

Getting Started Load packages In this lab we will explore the data using the dplyr package and visualize it using the ggplot2 package for data visualization. Make this adjustment, then run a simulation to sample shots.

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If the house is not strong enough it might collapse. Just as wind energy causes waves in water to move across a lake or ocean, seismic waves move through the layers of the Earth. Rayleigh waves have an almost circular pattern to its wave motion. The point of the actual rock rupture is called the focus.

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There are two types of surface waves: Love waves and Rayleigh waves. This energy can be built up and stored for many years and then released in seconds or minutes. Probability Hot Hands Basketball players who make several baskets in succession are described as having a hot hand. Because of this they are given another name, P or Primary waves.

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We Ls not expect to resolve this controversy today. When these plates move suddenly they release an incredible amount of energy that is changed into wave movement. One way we can approach this is by considering the belief that hot hand shooters tend to go on shooting streaks. S waves travel at about half the speed of P waves.

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